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Sunday March 19, 2006 JST

Download Free Norton Internet Security

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Download Free Norton Internet Security
Norton Internet Security by Symantec provides essential protection from viruses, hackers, and privacy threats. Norton Internet Security powerful yet easy to use, this award-winning suite now includes advanced spam-fighting software. Viruses are a daily threat, so Norton Internet Security gives you the world’s most trusted antivirus solution - Norton Antivirus. Norton AntiVirus removes viruses from email messages, instant message attachments, Internet downloads, and other files automatically. Now Norton Internet Security also alerts you to certain non-virus threats such as spyware programs and keystroke loggers that can capture confidential data and leave your computer more vulnerable. Norton Personal Firewall hides your computer on the Internet, and Norton Intrusion Detection adds an extra layer of protection by automatically blocking suspicious connections. Norton Privacy Control prevents your credit card numbers and other confidential information from being sent over the Internet without your knowledge. New Norton AntiSpam detects and flags unwanted messages while promptly delivering valid mail. Owing to regular updatings Noron’s products such as Norton Antivirus Update and Norton Internet SecurityUpdate amaze with reliability. It works with any POP3 email program, filtering incoming mail on multiple levels to catch even sophisticated spam. And Norton Parental Control helps you protect your children from inappropriate Web sites. Symantec exclusive LiveUpdate technology downloads new protection updates automatically to keep your Internet defenses at maximum strength. Protect yourself, your family, and your PC online with Norton Internet Security.

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Friday February 3, 2006 JST

Antivirus vendors move on antispyware standards

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Australian-based security and antivirus vendor, PC Tools welcomes the move by a group of antivirus companies to develop standards for antispyware products, but warned it would not be successful without the involvement of companies operating in that sector.

McAfee Antivirus, Symantec Antivirus ( Norton Antivirus 2006), Trend Micro Antivirus, ICSA Labs and Thompson Cyber Security Labs formed an agreement this week which will see the antivirus giants work together to establish industry standards for identifying and evaluating antispyware products.

The group aims to make it easier for companies to compare and evaluate antispyware and antivirus products at a time of considerable market confusion over various offerings said David Cole, director of Symantec’s (Norton Antivirus program) security response group. “In the antivirus space, there are several well-known testing bodies and testers who follow standards and well-thought-through methodologies for evaluating products,” he said.

But because the antispyware and antivirus market is still emerging, there are few such standards available to product testers, he said. As a result, antispyware and antivirus products are often evaluated inconsistently, he said. “[Standards] have been noticeably absent in the antispyware market. What we are trying to do is put out testing methodologies so that people can look at these tests and know they are reasonable.”

“Enterprises should welcome the announcement of the collaborative effort between the large antivirus vendors,” because it should result in better antispyware tools, said Andrew Jacquith, an analyst at Yankee Group Research. “[Antispyware tools] are probably the No. 1 increasingly deployed items” within enterprises, he said. “This is a real issue, and the need for collaboration is great.”

Under the collaborative effort announced Monday, the participating vendors have agreed to share spyware samples they find, said Bruce Hughes, senior antivirus researcher at Trend Micro.

Vendors use spyware samples to develop specific signatures for blocking them with their antispyware tools, in much the same way antivirus vendors use virus and worm samples to develop signatures that block them.

Sharing samples and other information on spyware programs will allow the vendors to develop signatures for a broader range of spyware than is now possible, he said. “Sharing spyware samples makes everybody a lot stronger,” Hughes said. Right now, there are so many spyware programs that it’s difficult for vendors to protect against them all without some sort of information- and sample-sharing, Hughes said.

The latest vendor initiative should complement the efforts by the AntiSpyware Coalition (ASC) to develop best practices and standards for dealing with spyware programs and virus software, said Larry Bridwell, content security programs manager at ICSA Antivirus Labs.

The ASC Antivirus is an alliance of technology companies and public interest groups such as the Centre for Democracy and Technology. In October 2005, the group released a broad definition of spyware programs that vendors can use to develop products to identify and fight spyware. (we sugesst use the antivirus software too)

PC Tools CEO Simon Clausen said he was unable to comment on whether the group of AV (antivirus) vendors were trying to encroach into the antispyware arena and grab market share.

“At this stage as we do not have a clear picture of the goals of this group, but antispyware companies are definitely proving superior to antivirus companies at fighting the spyware/adware threat, so our involvement in any industry initiative would be important for it to succeed,” he said.

Clausen said PC Tools already has several informal, threat-sharing relationships with a number of antivirus and antispyware companies, and he would consider joining any organization or group that aims to further protect the consumer.

“Common naming and testing is good for the consumer as long as it doesn’t favour one group over another,” he said.
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Norton Personal Firewall

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Norton Personal Firewall. Symantecв„ўs Norton Personal Firewall (Symantec one of the best antivirus and firewall developer) keeps hackers out and personal data in. Its robust defenses include intrusion detection, application control, and privacy protection all in one easy-to-use program. Right out of the box, Norton Personal Firewall hides your PC on the Internet to keep hackers from seeing it. That action alone can prevent many attacks. In addition, Symantecв„ўs exclusive Norton Intrusion Detection thoroughly examines incoming Internet traffic and automatically blocks suspicious activities. Hackers can also conduct malicious activity from your PC, so Internet Access Control stops spyware and Trojan horse programs that are masquerading as legitimate Internet applications on your PC from connecting to the Internet. Norton Privacy Control easily prevents confidential data from being sent over the Internet without your knowledge. It protects personal information in email, instant messages, and MicrosoftВ® Office attachments. All this power is readily accessible, with built-in assistance that helps you get started quickly and respond to threats effectively. And LiveUpdate keeps Norton Personal Firewall current with regular, automatic downloads of security updates to defend against new threats. Dont allow your PC and your personal information to be vulnerable on the Internet. Get Norton Personal Firewall 2003 today for powerful defense against hackers and privacy threats. For small businesses, 5 and 10 multi-user packs are also available.
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Wednesday January 25, 2006 JST

Microsoft® Windows AntiSpyware

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Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) is a security technology that helps protect Windows users from spyware and other potentially unwanted software. Known spyware on your PC can be detected and removed. This helps reduce negative effects caused by spyware including slow PC performance, annoying pop-up ads, unwanted changes to Internet settings, and unauthorized use of your private information. Continuous protection improves Internet browsing safety by guarding over fifty (50) ways spyware can enter your PC. For best PC protection against spyware and viruses use one of the antivirus software : Panda Antivirus, Kaspersky antivirus, Norton Antivirus, AVG Antivirus and one of three best firewall: Kerio Firewall, Norton Internet Security, Outpost Firewall.

Participants in the worldwide SpyNet™ community play a key role in determining which suspicious programs are classified as spyware. Microsoft researchers quickly develop methods to counteract these threats, and updates are automatically downloaded to your PC so you stay up to date.

Note to users with expired versions of Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)
Did your Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) expire? Download and upgrade to the latest version of Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) today for an extension. If you are unsure of the version or when your Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) will expire, you can follow these instructions on how to check the expiration date and version of your Windows AntiSpyware (Beta).

Beta 1 Versions
Since releasing Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) on January 6, 2005 (Build 1.0.501), we have continued to receive feedback from customers. We introduced a beta refresh on February 16, 2005 (Build 1.0.509) which enhanced some of the real-time protection agents, added new threat categories, and improved stability and performance.

An updated beta refresh released on June 23, 2005 (Build 1.0.613), introduced enhancements to the detection and removal capabilities, including improved Winsock LSP removal capabilities and support for long descriptions of categorized software. In addition, we have also extended the Windows AntiSpyware beta expiration date to December 31, 2005.

An updated beta refresh released on July 18, 2005 (Build 1.0.615), addresses issues pertaining to how Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) provides information to the user about processes running on a PC, solves an issue regarding the delivery of new anti-spyware signatures for some customers.

The latest beta refresh, build 1.0.701, extends the Windows AntiSpyware beta expiration date to July 31, 2006 and provides new signature updates to help protect against recently identified spyware.

Existing users of the beta (Build 1.0.615) will receive a software update that includes the new beta refresh. The latest beta refresh is also available for download through this site.


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